UNISONSteadfast is one of the largest independent networks of mid-sized insurance brokers headquartered in Hamburg: local specialists in International Insurance Programs and Solutions for all significant industrial regions worldwide. The name of UNISONStaedfast stands for consistent broker network, which is based on a common commitment to excellence and mutual understanding that individual professional service adds value to its clients. To reach this aim we form a co-operation in international insurance business. “Success by partnership” is the basis of this cooperation.

UNISONSteadfast grants us an access to a worldwide professional broker network participating in the development of standard procedures, uniform methods, effective communication tools and in International task forces.

Being a UNISONSteadfast Member, Our role particularly includes:

  • Introduction of industrial and commercial clients on behalf of other UNISONSteadfast Members
  • Preferred status in Our home country unless it is against clients’ demand or not possible out of political issues;
  • Listing in the Global Member Directory and use of the UNISONSteadfast Member logo on our homepage and stationary;
  • Access to other worldwide UNISONSteadfast members
  • Participation in International task forces for acquisition purposes;
  • Being an access point to our domestic insurance market for international placing;
  • Participation in workshops and training courses ;
  • Access to UNISONStaedfast extranet solution uniNet;
  • Participation in UNISONSteadfast annual member conference.

Exclusivity and Client Preservation

  1. During our Membership Cooperation, the contractual parties pledge not to acquire the respective member’s clients, or to directly or indirectly take on the client without the member’s prior agreement.
  2. We and UNISONSteadfast pledge to bring Our new, International insurance business into the co-operation, as long as this does not conflict with the insured client’s or other interests.
  3. With regard to existing insurance business and policies, a case by case evaluation will determine whether a change to UNISONSteadfast or to us is appropriate.

From the date of the announcement issued, not only the transition process of the alterations on our Website and other stationary support will be carried out, but also, the enhancement of integrated Services Quality and the expansion of our Global Network are the most important goals in giving added value to Our Customers and Business Partners.